Woven Wood Shades As An Alternative To Plantation Shutters

If You Don’t Want Plantation Shutters, Try Woven Wood Shades

Plantation shutters are sought after in many households to bring a certain elegance and charm, but not everyone wants every room in their home to have the windows have such a heavy look. It’s understandable that some people may desire a more delicate design rather than plantation shutters, but yet still want materials that offer a natural look and feel. Luckily, in this case Kirtz® has many other options available to suit the needs of those searching for something a little more subtle.

Aside from plantation shutters, our woven wood shades are a fantastic choice for dressing up many windows in your house! Just like our plantation shutters, our woven wood shades are also carefully crafted into stunning functional treatments.

They offer a subtle texture to your window treatments and can also be very flattering under draperies so you don’t have to give up your curtains if you’re partial to them. If you don’t have curtains, valances, or drapes at all that’s perfectly fine, as well. These shades, when placed alone will provide a perfectly streamlined look.

Another wonderful aspect about the natural reeds and grass materials of Kirtz® woven wood shades is that they can be utilized in many different design styles as they can be made in different colors. Thus, whether you have rustic décor or modern, we can make the woven wood shades work for you.

So, if plantation shutters just don’t fit your style, there’s no need to worry, simply consider woven wood shades instead. We offer custom work to fit your needs and we would be happy to help you decide which design will be best for your home project. You can get in touch with us by clicking here to view our choices of shades or give Kirtz® a call at 1-800-416-6455 if you’re ready to get started.


Plantation Shutters For Window Makeovers In 2017

Aesthetically Pleasing Plantation Shutters

January is many things to many people, but more than anything it represents the opportunity to start fresh. Every year resolutions are made to improve upon ways of the past. Not all New Year’s resolutions have to be about improving one’s eating habits or beauty rituals as, let’s face it, most fad diets only last for the first few weeks anyway. We say, why not improve your home’s windows instead? It’s something you look at every day, so why not enjoy looking out of them or controlling the light to best of your ability? Plantation shutters are a nice way to give your home a subtle makeover and make your viewing experience a whole lot better.

A lot of people aren’t sure where to begin when deciding whether plantation shutters are the best bet for their window treatments simply as there are many options available. No one wants to make the wrong choice in color or choose a wood that doesn’t complement their aesthetics. We totally understand!

That’s why we express to the fullest the importance of having the job completed by professionals, like the trained woodworkers at Kirtz® Shutters. Not only are our people trained to provide the best custom work for any window shape and size, but we use the highest quality plantation shutters to ensure an exceptional installation experience.

Here are some of the customization you can choose with our plantation shutters:

  • Shutter panel thickness
  • Shutter stile width
  • Shutter louver size, allowing you to maximize or decrease your view to the outside world
  • Standard or custom framing profiles
  • Choice of wood, staining, or coloration to match millwork or other designs in your home

Kirtz® would love the opportunity to spruce up your home’s windows with some of the best plantation shutters around. If you’re ready to give your house a little makeover in 2017, feel free to give us a call. We can be reached at 1-800-416-6455 or you can contact us online by clicking here.

Bathroom- Plantation Shutters

Are Plantation Shutters Suitable For Bathrooms?

Will Plantation Shutters Withstand Bathroom Steam?

Being a home builder gives you the power to make decisions on which design elements will look best in certain parts of the home. You may have thought about choosing plantation shutters for your bathroom window treatments, but stopped to question if real wood would fare well. In case you’ve found yourself stuck in the predicament, we’re going to clear the air and explain just why Kirtz® plantation shutter designs will function wonderfully in a bathroom.

You may fear that real wood is a challenge to work with due to the steam created in a bathroom. Our designers have thought about the craftsmanship aspects necessary to create a plantation shutter with specifications appropriate for an environment such as a bathroom. More specifically, the stiles within our plantation shutters are a full 1 ¼ inch thick. The one hundred percent hardwood construction makes our stiles remarkably strong and extremely warp resistant.

Many of our customers have opted to put plantation shutters in their bathrooms for an elegant, vintage feel. There’s just something rather shabby-chic about having shutters in the bathroom. Many homeowners love lounging in the tub and letting the light stream in ever so gently while keeping prying eyes out.

Being a home builder and putting every last detail into place can be so exciting and nerve racking, too. You have to get everything move-in ready from the crown molding, to the base boards, and even the window treatments. Those final touches make your project feel complete when you know you’ve made the right decisions. We sure hope you’ll find that our shutters are the right choice for your next project.

If you’re hoping to add shutters to your bathroom windows, let us help you with the craftsmanship and installation process. You can contact our team at Kirtz® by calling 1-800-416-6455.

Walnut Plantation Shutters

Walnut Plantation Shutters For A Versatile Look

Customizing Homes With Walnut Plantation Shutters

Today we’re going to talk about how you can find a sense of peace by using walnut plantation shutters in your next custom home project. The fact is that custom home building is becoming more and more popular with each passing year as people seek to get exactly what they want and nothing that they don’t. At least, that’s what they think when they go into the process, but often times home builders learn that their customers may not really know what they want.

You could find yourself working for someone who changes their mind one hundred times before settling on something that works for them. This is where being a home builder with the ability to offer finishes that can be versatile will come in handy. Walnut plantation shutters are one of the most frequently used window treatments that can offer solutions to even the most indecisive homeowner-to-be.

Walnut wood offers something that can be everything from masculine to striking and beautiful. What makes walnut plantation shutters so adaptable for many design elements is that it can vary slightly in color from a light grayish brown to a chocolate brown. Many people may prefer to keep the wood color as is with just a clear finish on the walnut.

Of course, if you’re building a home for that person who just can’t make up their mind and the starting color of the walnut plantation shutters aren’t “just right” from the beginning, there are always options available to change the wood coloration in various manners such as; staining, bleaching, distressing, or adding a glossy finish. The best part about customizing homes with walnut plantation shutters is that they can be any shape or size. That being said, you don’t have to worry that your unique window shapes will have to be left blank.

At Kirtz® Shutters each of our walnut plantation shutters are individually designed and meticulously crafted to fit perfectly. If you’re a home builder looking to add versatile wooden shutters to your next custom built home, let us help you do so. Contact us at 1-800-416-6455!