Maple Wood Plantation Shutters

Maple Plantation Shutters For The Month Of May

Highlighting The Natural Beauty Of Maple Plantation Shutters

Our team at Kirtz® Shutters has been plenty busy this spring season with attending various Home & Garden shows where we’ve had the chance to share many details about our custom shaped plantation shutters, our variety of hardwoods, and the high quality construction of each shutter. At the beginning of this month, we felt it would be lovely to highlight the powerful, fine quality of Maple plantation shutters.

When thinking about Maple wood, the top adjectives that come to mind for us would be the following:

  • Lustrous  
  • Diverse 
  • Strong
  • Solid  

Why do these words come to mind you might ask? The answers are simple and we’ll explain the reason we chose each of these descriptive words!

(1.) Lustrous: the word “lustrous” describes Maple plantation shutters due to the wood being known for its closed, smooth grain and this hardwood’s ability to easily accept paint and finishes well. It truly has a luster that only a fine wood can provide!

(2.) Diverse: the word “diverse” explains how Kirtz® Shutters can offer so many unique looks to each customer due to the nature of custom plantation shutters business. The flexibility of Maple wood has few limitations which truly allows us to help achieve the look you desire.  

(3.) Strong: Maple is a dense wood with a hard surface which means that it can withstand accidental bumps and is resistant to indentations. The durability provided by Maple plantation shutters makes for a long-lasting, beautiful window treatment option!  

(4.) Solid: Since Maple is dense it makes it possible for metal fasteners to maintain a solid hold. Furthermore, the tilt rods and louvers on Maple plantation shutters can effortlessly open and close without becoming loose. 

At Kirtz® Shutters one of the most popular details most customers have chosen to add to Maple wood is a clear finish as it really shows off the natural beauty of the grain. Of course, we’ll let you decide! If you’re in the market for new shutters, we’d love to help make your custom project become a reality. To get started, give us a call at 1-800-416-6455 . 

Kirtz Shutters Is Attending The Stillwater Home & Garden Home Show!

Kirtz Shutters To Share Plantation Shutters With Stillwater!

It’s officially spring and the warmer weather has been so beautiful that many people have really enjoyed getting out to be more active, including Kirtz® Shutters! We’re having a blast touring from one home and garden show to the next to share our love of plantation shutters with people from all over country. This month, starting today (April 1st) we’re attending the Stillwater Home & Garden Show. It will be held at the Payne County Expo Center and it certainly sounds like it will be a lot of fun.

Plantation Shutters- Stillwater Home & Garden Show 

If you would like to learn more about our custom plantation shutters, the various stains that can be applied, and the multiple choices we have for high quality wood, then feel free to stop by and see us! We love sharing updates about our newest shipments of wood and how our plantation shutters are handcrafted from only the finest domestic and exotic hardwoods.

Not only do we have many color and wood choices, but with plantation shutters by Kirtz® Shutters, customers have the choice of other customizing features. For example, Kirtz® Shutters are available in three louver sizes, offering flexibility when it comes to balancing interior décor with your view of the world around you. Larger louvers help maximize your view and smaller ones allow you to have more privacy.

Our woodcrafters have honed in on their skill and have a passion for creating each shutter with precision. It is their work that gives us confidence to get out in the public and talk about our plantation shutters and we’d love to share our passion with you!

If you will be in the Stillwater, Oklahoma area today (April 1st) or April 2nd, 2017 then you should definitely consider stopping by the Stillwater Home & Garden Show. 

If you are unable to come to the home show, but you would like to talk to someone from Kirtz® about getting started with your own custom shutters project, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-416-6455.