Mahogany Plantation Shutters

Wall Colors To Complement Mahogany Shutters

Aesthetically Pleasing Tones & Mahogany Shutters

Being a home builder can be so rewarding, yet it takes a lot of decision making to finish building an outstanding home. There are a lot of choices you have to make to please your customers and if you’ve chosen mahogany shutters, you’re next home building project will be complete with this high-end treat. The African quarter sawn mahogany used by Kirtz® to create our mahogany plantation shutters ensures the highest quality finish. The challenging part for some home builders can be decorating the rest of the house with the finesse necessary to highlight the custom work.

Since the natural color of mahogany changes with age from pinkish to more of a copper or reddish-brown it may be difficult to decide which complementary wall color to choose. In most cases, mahogany plantation shutters are best matched with other accents around the room such as a color in a tile backsplash in the kitchen or the room’s base trim, crown molding, or interior doors.

What any wood lover knows is that the true beauty of the wood definitely deserves to have a background that reflects its character. So how do you choose what you think your customers will love? The truth is that color preferences add a personal touch and while you’ll want to look for colors that will enhance the finish of the wood, this can be done in many different ways.

For example, a contrasting light, creamy beige color will draw the eye more to the decorative accents and, of course, to the mahogany plantation shutters. Additionally, light green, earthy tones will provide a maximum contrast. Gray is a very adaptable color with varying shades from the spectrum of cool to warm, all of which can be very relatable to mahogany.

So, no matter what your end goal is, whether you want to provide a bold statement or a subtle one, with the right color choice the end result is bound to be stunning and your customer will swoon over your choice of Kirtz® mahogany plantation shutters.

If you’re a home builder looking to add a touch of elegance, let us help you with your next shutter project. Contact us at 1-800-416-6455!

Transome Rake Windows (aka Triangle Windows) with Plantation Shutters

Transom Windows can inspire a love/hate relationship with their owners, especially if they are specialty shapes, such as triangle windows.

No doubt  rake windows (aka triangle windows)  add architectural interest and loads of natural light.  This is why homeowners, architects and the like are drawn to them.  However, they also allow heat and damaging UV rays into a home, often increasing energy costs in peak summer months.

Many window treatments solutions for rake windows help solve some of these problems by covering up the triangle windows with a fixed treatment.  This means, while it may look like your other window treatments, it doesn’t operate and is set in one position.  Therefore, in times of the year when the extra light and warmth provided by transom windows would be beneficial, these treatments can’t maximize this value.

Is there a better solution.  Yes!

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Custom Hardwood Shutter from Kirtz Shutters Deliver!


Our dealer in Southold, NY at Wallace Home Design recently sent us these photos of a Kirtz Shutter project he did that had some unique challenges to it.

The customer wanted the openness of a 3 1/2″ louver, but also loved the clean lines of her casing. The window had limited depth, and operable window cranks created obstructions. This made it impossible to mount the shutter flush within her existing window jamb as was her preference.

She was adamant she did not want any projection past her window casing so we devised a unique solution for her windows.

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Kirtz Shutter at the Southern Oklahoma Homeshow, Ardmore OK

Spring is upon us, and at Kirtz Shutters, its a busy season full of home shows.  We are excited to try a new show this season, in Ardmore, OK.   

 We are displaying our plantation shutters, including our motorized shutter, at the Southern Oklahoma Homeshow March 19 & 20, 2010. 

The event will be held at the Ardmore Convention Center, which is right off I35  in Ardmore.   Show hours are Friday 19th 9am-8pm, and Saturday 20th 9am-6pm.

Kirtz Shutters will be in booth 55&56

Come out and see the quality of Kirtz first hand and meet Mack Tietz, Kirtz Shutter representative for Central and Southern Oklahoma.