Rustic Shutters a Good Fit for Log Homes

Homeowners who choose to build or buy log homes have one thing in common.  A love for wood!  Naturally, custom shutters are a great fit for log homes.

Plantation Shutters by Kirtz Shutters can be made from rustic woods such as knotty pine, knotty alder, western red cedar, cypress or reclaimed wormy chestnut.

Since all Kirtz Shutters are custom built to order, a homeowner can choose the wood that best compliments  his/her scheme and have Kirtz custom match the finish used in the home, or even match the flooring!

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Triangle Windows (aka rake windows) and Plantation Shutters

Architectural Shaped windows such as triangles, arch tops, ovals, circles and hexagons all present many challenges when choosing a window covering.

This blog is focusing on triangle shaped, or Rake Top window openings.

Plantation Shutters are a great choice for Rake Windows for several reasons

  1. You can treat the entire opening, not just the rectangle portion, thus allowing greater privacy and light control
  2. They are one of the only window treatments that once installed into the shape that are functional instead of fixed, allowing you to control the light that enters the room.
  3. Every type of triangle is possible.  Unlike other window coverings, shutters have no restrictions  on width, height or degree of angle, making even the most challenging of window possible.

Just as your window is an architectural statement for your home, the window treatment you choose should complement and enhance it.  If you choose shutters (which I hope you will) be sure that the company you choose makes all the louvers movable in rake tops with horizontal louvers.  See my earlier post about arch top windows for more info on that subject and why it matters.  If you order a burst shape, be certain that the center hub is in proportion to the size of your window so that your finished product looks like a custom piece of millwork that belongs in your beautiful window.

Custom Shutters from Kirtz Shutters do just that.  The photos below are  a couple examples of homes that used Kirtz Shutters to compliment their triangle shaped windows.
rake shaped windows before plantation shutters

rake shaped windows before plantation shutterspartially open rake top shutters

Knotty Pine Shutters by Kirtz Shutters, Triangle (rake) shaped shuttters

Knotty Pine Shutters by Kirtz Shutters, Triangle (rake) shaped shuttters

A gothic arch show the burst concept for triangle shaped windows

A gothic arch show the burst concept for triangle shaped windows