Hidden Tilt ~ The Best Way to Maximize Your View

Hidden tilt, one of the newer custom options available with Kirtz Shutters, has become increasing popular since its introduction.

How it works

On a traditional plantation shutter louvers are fastened to the tilt rod with staples and you use the tilt rod to contol the position of the louvers.   With a hidden tilt rod, a narrow metal rod is attached to the backside of the panel at the end of the louver on the hinge side.   We then finish the hidden rod a similar color to the panels.


Although we can build shutter panels to our standard height of 120″ with hidden tilt, the rod must be broken at a certain point so that the weight of the louvers does not prohibit the mechanism from working appropriately.

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Tulsa Home Show — Mar 12 thru 15 2009

Shutters of Tulsa, the Kirtz representation in the Tulsa area for many years, will have a booth during the Greater Tulsa Home and Garden Show Mar 12-15  in the Quicktrip Center at Expo Square.  Come by, say hello to Don and see the quality that Kirtz has to offer!

Company Lunch at Kirtz

Last Thursday, Feb 12th, we had a company lunch at Kirtz.    It was a special lunch because everyone was treated to steak by Click’s Steakhouse in Pawnee.   If you live in the area and you haven’t been to Click’s, you are missing out.  Between the homemade rolls, steaks marinated to perfection and awesome desserts (I recommend the tollhouse pie) you will be amazed.    However, I digress.

The reason for this meal is workplace safety.  Every month The Shutter Mill is accident free, all employees are treated to a lunch.    That’s always great, but when we go 3 or more months with out an accident everyone is treated to steak for lunch.  Not bad, huh?

After the lunch we have a safety meeting, and also an update on what’s going on with the company.  This month we recognized two employees for five years of service at Kirtz.   We have an every increasing maturity in our work force.  More employees have been with us 5+ years than we can ever remember.    This seasoned group of employees greatly helps contribute to maintaining, and continually increasing, our quality standards and efficiency.    You can see it in every shutter that leaves here.

I guess that’s why we get the opportunity to install our shutters all over.  Last year we went to St. Lucia,  and the Bahamas for shutter jobs.  Right now I have jobs in process for Frisco TX, and Kansas City, MO — all because these people want the quality that Kirtz has to offer.

If you have a project, give us a call.  Have car (or plane ticket) —will travel.

Guys from stain, specialty shapes and shipping

Guys from stain, specialty shapes and shippingour assembly team leader enjoying his dinner

How Do We Define “Plantation Shutter”?

Kind of like a lot of design terms, there can be multiple ways to describe the same thing and it really isn’t consistent throughout the industry, much less the country.  Plantation Shutters can refer to shutters in general, and depending on the person is usually indicative of a louver (slat) size.

What is commonly referred to as traditional shutters are small louvered, small paneled.  These are most common in the NE and upper midwestern United States.  The louver sizes are usually anywhere from 1 1/4″ up to 1 7/8″, sometimes 2 1/2″ louvers (which we carry) are included in that description.  These shutters often are built “cafe” style, meaning they cover only the bottom 1/2 to 2/3 of a window, and are very narrow (think 8-20″ wide per shutter panel)

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