Defining Plantation Shutters

Defining Plantation Shutters

We’ve discussed this in our blog before but it has to be talked about every few years as new people come to the conversation. So what is a Plantation Shutter? In every industry you can describe something a number of different ways, and there’s rarely a standard way to do it. It may be easy for someone with a passing familiarity of shutters to mix up what we would call a Traditional Shutter and a Plantation Shutter. A Traditional Shutter refers to a shutter that has smaller panels and a small louver to move them, you’ll find them mostly in the North Eastern and upper Mid-Western parts of the United States. In many cases the shutters will be built in what’s called cafe style, only covering the bottom half or so of the window and are quite narrow.

The shutters we’ve come to call Plantation Shutters are most common in the South and Western parts of the United States. States like California where you have amazing mountain and ocean views are excellent for Plantation Shutters as they allow you to preserve the view. Plantation Shutters will typically have larger panels than it’s traditional cousin, having a single shutter panel covering a window up to five feet tall is not uncommon.

It takes all Kinds

At Kirtz we sell more Plantation Shutters than any other kind and we’ve made a name for ourselves doing it. But just because Plantation Shutters are more popular doesn’t mean we exclude a style of shutter. We will sometimes make a Traditional Shutter if a customer has a need. Because of our equipment setup we do ask that if a customer would like a Traditional Shutter we ask they they have a larger project or a project that require very specific shutter dimensions. We pride ourselves on our ability to accommodate the needs of all our clients.


Kirtz Shutters at the Oklahoma City Home and Garden Show Jan 21-23 2011

Homeowners have a chance to experience the quality of Kirtz Shutters first hand this weekend at the Oklahoma Home and Garden Show.  

Kirtz Shutters, locally manufactured in Stillwater, OK, are know state wide for their craftsmanship and highly custom capabilities.  At the Kirtz Shutters booth homeowners can see just a few of the many custom offerings available by Kirtz and popular in home construction and renovation today.

New this year are examples of exterior bahama style shutters and traditional louvered shutters made our of cypress for lasting durability.  These exterior shutter panels are popular options for outdoor living spaces, and exterior home accents.

Visit with Mack Tietz, Central Oklahoma sales representative and Chris Tietz, business owner, this weekend at booth 433 in the Cox Pavilion at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds.

January 21 12pm – 9pm

January 22 10am – 9pm

January 23 10am – 6pm