Plantation shutters

Should you stain or paint plantation shutter?

What kind of finish should your plantation shutters have?

Plantation shutters are a fantastic investment, especially if you get them custom made. They have a timeless look and will last for years, decades even. But there are quite a few decisions that need to be made to make sure your plantation shutters won’t go out of style. Kirtz can help and will walk you through step by step with the many decisions to make sure your plantation shutters look the best they can. One of those decisions is whether to paint or stain your shutters. Here are some tips to consider: 

Overall look: Ultimately you want your shutters to match the look of your home. Usually this means matching the shutters to the trim of the home creating a clean, unified look. The trim to most homes is some shade of white so it’s reasonable to expect something like that. However, using a stain can add a certain, refined look to your home so it’s always worth considering both options. 

The Process: Depending on the wood used, it might look better to stain or to paint. In addition, if you choose to paint but decide a stain would look better it’s not as simple as just removing the paint. Often times the wood itself must be swapped out. If you’re not sure, maybe start with a stain and go from there. 

Options: When it comes down to it, if what you want are options, paint will give you far more options than staining. Staining has a very defined look and isn’t able to change colors very easily. Paint can come in almost every color under the sun. If you’re looking to find the perfect color match, paint is probably your best bet. 

If you’re ready to start creating your very own custom plantation shutters, give Kirtz a call today at 800-416-6455!

Plantation Shutters

Tips For Painting Your Plantation Shutters

Updating Your Plantation Shutters

While most people are drawn to the exotic appeal of the natural hardwood look that Kirtz® plantation shutters embody there are occasions when a fresh coat of paint could be considered necessary for changing the feel of the room. It can be quite the dilemma whether to bother painting them, especially if you are uncertain as to how to do so properly. Today, we’re providing a few simple tips to follow which may better prepare you for painting your plantation shutters.

First, it should be noted that being well organized is the best way to keep yourself from doing more work than necessary. Painting shutters isn’t quite as simple as taping off a section of wall and painting trim throughout the house. A helpful tip might be to remove your shutters one at a time and label them according to the side that faces the wall and also which window they belong to.

This will make it much easier when you finish your painting process to replace the plantation shutters appropriately.

Next, you’ll want to sand and clean the wood to allow the new coat of paint to adhere to your plantation shutters just a little bit easier. You may need up to two coats of primer, depending on the quality you purchase, but this is a necessary step to get complete coverage when you apply your paint.

It can be argued that the best finish will be best delivered by use of a paint sprayer, because you have less chance of dripping.

If you choose this method, open your plantation shutter louvers at a 45 degree angle and spray in a consistent direction. Now, repeat by spraying in a 45 degree angle in the opposite direction. Finally, you will want to open them fully and spray in one continuous vertical motion. After you repeat the process for the other side of your shutters you will need to wait for the primer to completely dry before following the same instructions to apply your paint.

We hope that by following these very simple tips that your plantation shutters painting project turns out fabulously beautiful. If you don’t have plantation shutters in your home, but you would like to, please feel free to contact Kirtz® at 1-800-416-6455!