Transome Rake Windows (aka Triangle Windows) with Plantation Shutters

Transom Windows can inspire a love/hate relationship with their owners, especially if they are specialty shapes, such as triangle windows.

No doubt  rake windows (aka triangle windows)  add architectural interest and loads of natural light.  This is why homeowners, architects and the like are drawn to them.  However, they also allow heat and damaging UV rays into a home, often increasing energy costs in peak summer months.

Many window treatments solutions for rake windows help solve some of these problems by covering up the triangle windows with a fixed treatment.  This means, while it may look like your other window treatments, it doesn’t operate and is set in one position.  Therefore, in times of the year when the extra light and warmth provided by transom windows would be beneficial, these treatments can’t maximize this value.

Is there a better solution.  Yes!

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Sliding Shutters For Sliding Doors: A not-so-standard installation

We  frequently get  questions from homeowners about how to add shutters to sliding doors.

The typical installation requires a 3 sided frame that surrounds the window casing  The frame header contains a track that allows the shutters to slide back and forth and the legs on each side of the casing support the header and prevent the shutter from sliding off the track.

It looks like this…

standard plantation slider

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Kirtz Shutter at the Southern Oklahoma Homeshow, Ardmore OK

Spring is upon us, and at Kirtz Shutters, its a busy season full of home shows.  We are excited to try a new show this season, in Ardmore, OK.   

 We are displaying our plantation shutters, including our motorized shutter, at the Southern Oklahoma Homeshow March 19 & 20, 2010. 

The event will be held at the Ardmore Convention Center, which is right off I35  in Ardmore.   Show hours are Friday 19th 9am-8pm, and Saturday 20th 9am-6pm.

Kirtz Shutters will be in booth 55&56

Come out and see the quality of Kirtz first hand and meet Mack Tietz, Kirtz Shutter representative for Central and Southern Oklahoma.

Special Projects: ellipse eyebrow shutter

Another unique custom shutter to move through our facility recently was an ellipse shape that was destined for a home in Florida. There are a few features that made this plantation shutter stand apart from the rest.

1) Solid Walnut Plantation Shutter
2) Special 7″ deep framework served as an extension jamb designed to work with European style windows made by Tischler Und Son windows.
3) Unit size was 136 1/4″ wide by 39 1/2″ tall
4)  Ellipse shape required the hands of our most skilled artisans.
5) Shutter panels on the wings had fixed louvers per the customers request and the center pair were operable.
This walnut shutter spanned over 136" wide

This walnut shutter spanned over 136" wide

Notice the elliptical curvature of this custom walnut shutter.
Notice the elliptical curvature of this custom walnut shutter.

Do you have a highly custom project?  If so, we can help!  Call us at 800-416-6455.