Wichita Area Home Show- Plantation Shutters

Kirtz Shutters To Appear At Wichita Area Builders Association Home Show!

Kirtz Shutters Bringing Options For Plantation Shutters To Wichita!

At Kirtz®, we have a goal to spread knowledge and interest in plantation shutters. We always look forward to educating as many people as possible about our custom shutters and the many choices to be made when choosing such an elegant window treatment design. That’s precisely the reason we’re honored to be able to have a booth set up at the Wichita Area Builders Association Home Show of 2017!

The Vision of the Association is to achieve and sustain recognition throughout the community that the Wichita Area Builders Association and its members are “the” organization to turn to when one has a new housing, remodeling or other light construction related need. Along those same lines, we hope to talk with attendees about our plantation shutters whether that be for sprucing up an existing home or to add flare to a newly built home.

At Kirtz®, our woodcrafters take a lot of time to make plantation shutters prestigious with fine woodworking skills. It is thanks to this effort that we’re proud and so thrilled when home builders choose our company for plantation shutters. Not only do we make each set of plantation shutters fit uniquely to the customer’s design, but it also makes us happy to be able to leave a lasting impression on a person’s home as it’s something they cherish so much. 

Home Show Poster 2017If you will be in the Wichita, Kansas area and you’d like to know more about our plantation shutters or what our company is all about, feel free to swing by! We’ll be present at the home show from February 9th to February 12th, 2017. Our booth will be in the Century II Exhibition, Convention, & Expo Hall and our booth numbers are X617 and X619.  

If you can’t make it to the home show, but you would like to get started on a custom plantation shutters project with us, feel free to give Kirtz® a call at 1-800-416-6455. 


Woven Wood Shades As An Alternative To Plantation Shutters

If You Don’t Want Plantation Shutters, Try Woven Wood Shades

Plantation shutters are sought after in many households to bring a certain elegance and charm, but not everyone wants every room in their home to have the windows have such a heavy look. It’s understandable that some people may desire a more delicate design rather than plantation shutters, but yet still want materials that offer a natural look and feel. Luckily, in this case Kirtz® has many other options available to suit the needs of those searching for something a little more subtle.

Aside from plantation shutters, our woven wood shades are a fantastic choice for dressing up many windows in your house! Just like our plantation shutters, our woven wood shades are also carefully crafted into stunning functional treatments.

They offer a subtle texture to your window treatments and can also be very flattering under draperies so you don’t have to give up your curtains if you’re partial to them. If you don’t have curtains, valances, or drapes at all that’s perfectly fine, as well. These shades, when placed alone will provide a perfectly streamlined look.

Another wonderful aspect about the natural reeds and grass materials of Kirtz® woven wood shades is that they can be utilized in many different design styles as they can be made in different colors. Thus, whether you have rustic décor or modern, we can make the woven wood shades work for you.

So, if plantation shutters just don’t fit your style, there’s no need to worry, simply consider woven wood shades instead. We offer custom work to fit your needs and we would be happy to help you decide which design will be best for your home project. You can get in touch with us by clicking here to view our choices of shades or give Kirtz® a call at 1-800-416-6455 if you’re ready to get started.


Plantation Shutters For Doors

Plantation Shutters: A Treatment Not Just For Windows

Plantation shutters are certainly one of the best ways to brighten up a room while controlling the natural light, but did you know that you could also choose to dress up your doors with the same high quality wood shutters?

At Kirtz® we don’t just give you customized window treatments, however; instead we can help you turn your room into a work of art with matching plantation shutters all around. For a seamless look we’ll even be able to match the plantation shutters of your choosing with your own furniture, the wood trimming throughout the home, or other design elements in a room. We can also do anything from plain wood, staining, or glazing!

As seen in the photo above, many homeowners like to dress up their sunburst windows and doors with plantation shutters to achieve an elegant appearance, but other popular choices include adding them to French Doors or patio doors. The addition of shutters on doors rather than blinds helps to eliminate the annoying banging of the blinds as the doors open and closes.

The nice part about plantation shutters on the doors is that, just like with the windows, they aren’t just beautiful, but functional! Homeowners can choose to let outside light in or completely close the louvers for a darker room or to make use of indoor light only. Kirtz® offers customers the ability to decide between 2 ½ inch, 3 ½ inch, or 4 ½ louvers which makes a difference in how much the user sees beyond the room they’re in when the shutters are opened.

If you’re in the market for plantation shutters for your doors let us help give you something elegant and long lasting. You can give Kirtz® a call at 1-800-416-6455 or by clicking right here to get started on your next customized shutter project.


Alternatives To Plantation Shutters For For Day Sleepers

Plantation Shutters A No? Try Room Darkening Shades

When you work the night shift you may care very little about allowing light into your bedroom during the day time. In fact, the only thing on your mind is how to effectively keep the light out so that you can get some much needed shut-eye. With that on your mind, it’s understandable that you may not want to spend your budget on custom plantation shutters only to leave their beautiful louvers closed and untouched for either the majority of the time or always. For day sleepers a fabulous alternative that Kirtz® offers are room darkening cellular honeycomb shades.

Like our plantation shutters, Kirtz® offers a variety of honeycomb cellular shades. Just because you sleep during the day doesn’t mean you have to forgo all fashion sense. You can still have beautiful, rich color and texture. Basically, anywhere you could have placed plantation shutters, can also benefit from cellular honeycomb shades.

For example, some customers have chosen to put room darkening shades in their infant’s room. The best part is that because the cells are constructed in a way that allows them to catch air and insulate windows you can have the beautiful appearance along with the energy saving capability that comes along with honeycomb cellular shades!

For a practical, high-quality window treatment that doesn’t require quite the attention that custom handcrafted plantation shutters do, honeycomb cellular shades are a perfect alternative with a wonderful value.

While our first passion is plantation shutters, our staff at Kirtz® looks forward to helping our customers find the window treatment that best suits their needs. If you’re in need of something that would help you darken your room, yet you want quality shades we hope you’ll let us dress your windows!

You can reach Kirtz® at 1-800-416-6455 to get started with your next window treatment project!


Plantation Shutters For Very Large Windows

Kirtz® Plantation Shutters Truly Are Custom

Do your large uncovered windows make you feel awkward? Do you worry about your privacy being invaded by outside onlookers? It may be one of the most overwhelming feelings for a homeowner with oversized windows to decide how they’re going to furnish them. If you have considered plantation shutters, but you didn’t think it was possible due to the very large size of your windows then look no further.

Impossibility is not in the vocabulary for a Kirtz® artisan. Our team is passionate about working with beautiful woods and take great pride in knowing these shutters will be enjoyed and appreciated by our customers for many years to come. When it comes to Kirtz® Shutters craftsmanship we have a multitude of wood plantation shutters to choose from which can be custom fit to any size window.

In fact, tall windows are a challenge we love to take on. The photo pictured above is a special project that had us measuring out plantation shutters that span over 8 feet wide and 16 feet in height. The fabulous part about plantation shutters is that if you want to preserve your wonderful view it’s not a problem.

The elliptical louvers on a Kirtz® shutter are ½ inch thick at the center and overlap a full ½ inch providing superior light control. Another benefit to having the elliptical louvers crafted as they are is having control over temperature by actually providing a bit of insulation or air flow control along with the light control.

If you have the largest windows you’ve ever seen and you want plantation shutters, it’s seriously not a problem! Just know that no project is too big for Kirtz® and we’d love to help you with the finer details of choosing the right wood and the finishing color for plantation shutters in any or every room in the house.

If you have a custom window project, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-416-6455.