Kirtz Shutters Is Attending The Stillwater Home & Garden Home Show!

Kirtz Shutters To Share Plantation Shutters With Stillwater!

It’s officially spring and the warmer weather has been so beautiful that many people have really enjoyed getting out to be more active, including Kirtz® Shutters! We’re having a blast touring from one home and garden show to the next to share our love of plantation shutters with people from all over country. This month, starting today (April 1st) we’re attending the Stillwater Home & Garden Show. It will be held at the Payne County Expo Center and it certainly sounds like it will be a lot of fun.

Plantation Shutters- Stillwater Home & Garden Show 

If you would like to learn more about our custom plantation shutters, the various stains that can be applied, and the multiple choices we have for high quality wood, then feel free to stop by and see us! We love sharing updates about our newest shipments of wood and how our plantation shutters are handcrafted from only the finest domestic and exotic hardwoods.

Not only do we have many color and wood choices, but with plantation shutters by Kirtz® Shutters, customers have the choice of other customizing features. For example, Kirtz® Shutters are available in three louver sizes, offering flexibility when it comes to balancing interior décor with your view of the world around you. Larger louvers help maximize your view and smaller ones allow you to have more privacy.

Our woodcrafters have honed in on their skill and have a passion for creating each shutter with precision. It is their work that gives us confidence to get out in the public and talk about our plantation shutters and we’d love to share our passion with you!

If you will be in the Stillwater, Oklahoma area today (April 1st) or April 2nd, 2017 then you should definitely consider stopping by the Stillwater Home & Garden Show. 

If you are unable to come to the home show, but you would like to talk to someone from Kirtz® about getting started with your own custom shutters project, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-416-6455.


Alternatives To Plantation Shutters For For Day Sleepers

Plantation Shutters A No? Try Room Darkening Shades

When you work the night shift you may care very little about allowing light into your bedroom during the day time. In fact, the only thing on your mind is how to effectively keep the light out so that you can get some much needed shut-eye. With that on your mind, it’s understandable that you may not want to spend your budget on custom plantation shutters only to leave their beautiful louvers closed and untouched for either the majority of the time or always. For day sleepers a fabulous alternative that Kirtz® offers are room darkening cellular honeycomb shades.

Like our plantation shutters, Kirtz® offers a variety of honeycomb cellular shades. Just because you sleep during the day doesn’t mean you have to forgo all fashion sense. You can still have beautiful, rich color and texture. Basically, anywhere you could have placed plantation shutters, can also benefit from cellular honeycomb shades.

For example, some customers have chosen to put room darkening shades in their infant’s room. The best part is that because the cells are constructed in a way that allows them to catch air and insulate windows you can have the beautiful appearance along with the energy saving capability that comes along with honeycomb cellular shades!

For a practical, high-quality window treatment that doesn’t require quite the attention that custom handcrafted plantation shutters do, honeycomb cellular shades are a perfect alternative with a wonderful value.

While our first passion is plantation shutters, our staff at Kirtz® looks forward to helping our customers find the window treatment that best suits their needs. If you’re in need of something that would help you darken your room, yet you want quality shades we hope you’ll let us dress your windows!

You can reach Kirtz® at 1-800-416-6455 to get started with your next window treatment project!