Eyebrow Window with Plantation Shutters

A Kirtz Shutter on an eyebrow arched window is one of my favorite applications.  There is no other window treatment that comes close to offering the same amount of functionality and beauty.

The homeowner for this shutter project wanted a way to block more light than her current treatment allowed.  After seeing the Kirtz Shutter at the Wichita home show, she had us out to take a look and see what we could do.

eyebrow window

eyebrow window

She decided on a 4 1/2″ louver with a tilt rod that is custom stained to match her existing window casing.    We added a divider rail at the transom location.  This allowed us to (a) mimic the design of the window and (b) recess the shutter deeper into the window jamb (if we had done louvers all the way up they would have hit the vertical mullion, requiring us to pull them out further into the room).

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Arch Windows & Plantation Shutters

Many new homes today have arch windows, often called eyebrow windows.  Most often they are used on the front of a home, to add architectural appeal.  When the homeowner moves in, they often discover that charming window doesn’t come with any easy solution when it comes to window treatments.      One of the best solutions is a plantation shutter.    It offers the best combination of light control (louvers are operable) and aesthetics (it compliment’s the shape of the window).

What makes a good quality arch shutter?  There are two key areas that make all the difference:

Proportion: Special shapes, like arches, take the greatest amount of skill to build, and it should be evident in the finished product.  The top part of shutter, called the rail, should stay the same width as it follows the arch top of the window.

Louvers: These should be moveable into the arch.  Do not be misled by manufacturers who take shortcuts, this is possible!

shutter arch without operable louvers

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