Plantation Shutters for 1/2 Circle Window

Arch windows that are full half circles often represent a challenge for homeowners.   These windows, which add architectural interest, often sit above large rectangle windows.  By treating only the lower window sun damage and light control can often continue to be an area of concern.

Kirtz Shutters builds only the finest of custom plantation shutters, so when a homeowner came to us wanting to not only treat a large window with a 1/2 circle top with a plantation shutter, but also add decorative millwork, we were happy to oblige.

arch window before shutters

arch window before shutters

This sunburst, over 60″ in width makes a dramatic statement itself.  Combine it with the large casing and keystone located at the peak, and the window changes this room from blah, to WOW!
arch 1/2 circle window with plantation shutters and sunburst top

arch 1/2 circle window with plantation shutters and sunburst top

A sunburst this large can only be made out of the true hardwood.  Kirtz uses only maple for our painted product, not poplar or basswood like most manufacturers.  That is because maple is twice as dense as basswood, letting us build a wider, taller and STRONGER shutter than average.

If you are searching for a shutter company that will build a product with excellence to address even your most complicated of windows, Kirtz Shutters is the company for you!

Mixing Finishes on your Plantation Shutters

After several years of a love affair with dark, rich woodwork we are having several requests to help homeowners “lighten up” a room with there plantation shutters.

Given the size of investment made when purchasing a plantation shutter, there is often a concern of future regret by the homeowner.

My professional opening on that matter can vary depending on the room itself, but I will say with utmost confidence that it can be done — and in a very tasteful way.

There are a two methods to do so:

Cover up casing with a new shutter and casing frame, thus eliminating any direct contrast of dark casing and painted shutters.  The casing stays in place, so if the shutters ever come down, the original mill work design is still in tack (albeit with a few screw holes to touch up).


Make the transition obvious and intentional.  This works best when the painted shutter is chosen in a color to complement the existing trim.  For instance, if you have rich, warm dark brown trim- choose a paint color with complementary undertones, such as a nice cream color as opposed to a stark, pure white.  Then you will find the shutters look as if they were part of the design plan from the beginning.     Of course, since we custom color match at Kirtz Shutters, your options are only limited by your imagination.

If you are building a house, you may have the opportunity to tie in other painted elements in the home so that the mix reads thoughtful and intentional.

Below shows a breakfast nook with beautiful stained mill work, and gorgeous painted Kirtz Shutters.

Painted Shutters with Stained Casing
Painted Shutters with Stained Casing

This photo goes to show that with just a little forthought, you can have shutters that compliment your homes design, even in a different finish!

Bahama Style Exterior Shutters by Kirtz Shutters create Privacy

This homeowner found her deck was no longer a private retreat for her family due to new construction in her neighborhood.  Looking for a tasteful, long term solution she browsed the web until she found information about our Bahama Style Exterior Shutter.    A conversation began via email and since she was so close to our shop, we handled the project turn key.

  • Shutters are built from Cypress, which is a long lasting choice for exterior products
  • The color is custom to match to the deck stain, which was Sherwin Williams Deckscapes, Hawthorne
  • Hardware is fully functional
  • Louver size is 3″- which is a nice scale for this size panels (apx 35 x 72″), but provides limited visibility when opened.  Not a concern for this homeowner since the whole point of the shutters was to block the new less than desirable view

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Kirtz Shutters at 27th Annual Tulsa House Beautiful Show

With fall just around the corner, Kirtz Shutters will be attending the 27thAnnual Tulsa House Beautiful held at the QuikTrip Center on the Tulsa State Fair Grounds. Located between Hwy 412 and Hwy 64 on Yale Ave.


We will be displaying our premier quality shutters including our plantation shutter and exterior shutters, which comprise of our new bahama style.


Come out and see our beautiful custom shutters first hand and also meet with Kirtz Shutters representative for Tulsa, Don Watson, at BOOTH 148




Friday, September 10th Noon-6pm


Saturday, September 11th 10am-8pm


Sunday, September 12th 11am-5pm

Special Projects: ellipse eyebrow shutter

Another unique custom shutter to move through our facility recently was an ellipse shape that was destined for a home in Florida. There are a few features that made this plantation shutter stand apart from the rest.

1) Solid Walnut Plantation Shutter
2) Special 7″ deep framework served as an extension jamb designed to work with European style windows made by Tischler Und Son windows.
3) Unit size was 136 1/4″ wide by 39 1/2″ tall
4)  Ellipse shape required the hands of our most skilled artisans.
5) Shutter panels on the wings had fixed louvers per the customers request and the center pair were operable.
This walnut shutter spanned over 136" wide

This walnut shutter spanned over 136" wide

Notice the elliptical curvature of this custom walnut shutter.
Notice the elliptical curvature of this custom walnut shutter.

Do you have a highly custom project?  If so, we can help!  Call us at 800-416-6455.