Transome Rake Windows (aka Triangle Windows) with Plantation Shutters

Transom Windows can inspire a love/hate relationship with their owners, especially if they are specialty shapes, such as triangle windows.

No doubt  rake windows (aka triangle windows)  add architectural interest and loads of natural light.  This is why homeowners, architects and the like are drawn to them.  However, they also allow heat and damaging UV rays into a home, often increasing energy costs in peak summer months.

Many window treatments solutions for rake windows help solve some of these problems by covering up the triangle windows with a fixed treatment.  This means, while it may look like your other window treatments, it doesn’t operate and is set in one position.  Therefore, in times of the year when the extra light and warmth provided by transom windows would be beneficial, these treatments can’t maximize this value.

Is there a better solution.  Yes!

Enter the well crafted plantation shutter…… With movable louvers all the way up into the angled portion of the triangle window, homeowners can close the  shutters for heat control and sun protection when the sun is most intense.  Homeowners can also open the louvers of the shutters on these triangle windows to take advantage of the view, light and solar energy when it is of benefit to the home.   Typically Kirtz Plantation Shutters in rake windows also are hinged.  This allows for easy cleaning of the window and behind the shutter, another unique benefit to shutters in triangle windows.

Take a look at these shutters recently installed in a home in Southern Oklahoma.  Not only are these treatments functional, but they compliment with the mill work in the house since they are constructed of knotty pine and stained to match.

Triangle Window Treatment

Knotty Pine Plantation Shutters in Triangle Window


Triangle Window, Plantation Shutter

Preserving the architecture of the window, and maximizing functionality of the window covering is accomplished with Kirtz Shutters