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Why Use Maple For A Plantation Shutter?

The Finest Maple Plantation Shutters 

At Kirtz we like doing things differently because we want to being something new and above average to the table. That’s why our Plantation shutters use maple

Kirtz’s founder was a woodworker until events in his life took him into a new direction. When he set this business up, he let his experience with woodworking dictate the wood he would use to make his plantation shutter – Maple. He chose maple for one simple reason, STRENGTH. 

Compared to other woods used to make plantation shutters, such as poplar or basswood, maple is twice as dense. Why does this matter? Plantation shutters are held together with fasteners and staples that attach the louvers to the tilt rod. Over time, these fasteners get stressed with use. In softer woods, this means they can loosen over time. Resulting in a weak, or even busted, shutter. Kirtz’s shutters are guaranteed to never have this problem. And if it does, it’s covered in the warranty. 

Maple’s density also means it’s much harder to dent than softer woods. Ever bumped into a piece of pine furniture and noticed how easily it dented? It’s the same with poplar and basswood. But it’s much harder to do with maple. In addition, maple is an incredibly flexible material for design. 

Because we use maple, Kirtz plantation shutters don’t need a midrail (also called a divider rail) until after 96″ in height, much higher than the industry standard 72″. Giving you much more flexibility when designing with maple over other, softer woods. Kirtz’s plantation shutters are also warrantied up to 38″ in width giving you flexibility in design for the best window fit. 

Often customer’s are confused by the range of options when it comes to ordering plantation shutters. Our advice is this: 

Plantation Shutters are NOT all created equal. Done right, they will provide beauty and protection for many, many years. We all want to make sure we spend our money wisely, especially with an investment as large as plantation shutters. 

Choose the shutters that will provide the best lifetime experience. And choose a company that you can trust to provide great customer service, both before and after you’ve got your plantation shutters. 

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