Plantation Shutters For Very Large Windows

Kirtz® Plantation Shutters Truly Are Custom

Do your large uncovered windows make you feel awkward? Do you worry about your privacy being invaded by outside onlookers? It may be one of the most overwhelming feelings for a homeowner with oversized windows to decide how they’re going to furnish them. If you have considered plantation shutters, but you didn’t think it was possible due to the very large size of your windows then look no further.

Impossibility is not in the vocabulary for a Kirtz® artisan. Our team is passionate about working with beautiful woods and take great pride in knowing these shutters will be enjoyed and appreciated by our customers for many years to come. When it comes to Kirtz® Shutters craftsmanship we have a multitude of wood plantation shutters to choose from which can be custom fit to any size window.

In fact, tall windows are a challenge we love to take on. The photo pictured above is a special project that had us measuring out plantation shutters that span over 8 feet wide and 16 feet in height. The fabulous part about plantation shutters is that if you want to preserve your wonderful view it’s not a problem.

The elliptical louvers on a Kirtz® shutter are ½ inch thick at the center and overlap a full ½ inch providing superior light control. Another benefit to having the elliptical louvers crafted as they are is having control over temperature by actually providing a bit of insulation or air flow control along with the light control.

If you have the largest windows you’ve ever seen and you want plantation shutters, it’s seriously not a problem! Just know that no project is too big for Kirtz® and we’d love to help you with the finer details of choosing the right wood and the finishing color for plantation shutters in any or every room in the house.

If you have a custom window project, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-416-6455.