Hardwood Type Wormy ChestnutWormy Chestnut Plantation Shutters

At one time American Chestnut was considered to be the most important hardwood growing in the eastern part of the United States. However, in the early 1900’s a blight infecting chestnut trees was first noticed in New York City. This quick spreading blight soon destroyed most all chestnut trees in North America.

Growth Region
Although few exist, the growth region for Chestnut is found in the eastern United States, west to Illinois and Michigan and eastern Canada.

Today, the supply of Wormy Chestnut is reclaimed from dismantled barns and other structures.

Graining and Color
Chestnut has a grayish brown heartwood that darkens with age and a narrow, pale-colored sapwood. Since Chestnut is reclaimed, most has darkened significantly. Holes found in the wood are from the worms that invaded the trees, and the black streaks are from iron nails that have rusted and left behind a unique patina in the wood.

Finishing Wormy Chestnut
Wormy Chestnut does well with a simple, light stain to show off its beauty. A tobacco color, as seen in the photo gallery, nicely accents the woods unique characteristics.

Wormy Chestnut and Kirtz Shutters

Processing this reclaimed lumber into beautiful custom wormy chestnut shutters is extensive. The reclaimed wood has most of the nails removed by the lumber supplier. At the factory the wood is once again combed with a metal detector to identify any hidden nails with in the lumber. The material is then ready to be milled into shutter parts for wormy chestnut plantation shutters. The frailty of the aged wood makes the waste factor significant and much time is spent hand selecting the best of the wood to ensure a product that lives up to the Kirtz standard. As it moves through production the eyes of a craftsman examine it multiple times guaranteeing that the true patina and beauty of the wood is evident in every custom hardwood shutter.

Wormy Chestnut and its heritage truly make posessing it like owning a piece of American history – a delight to the eyes and a fascinating story.

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