Hardwood Type OakOak Plantation Shutters

Oak plantation shutters present a classic look, reminiscent of the Arts and Crafts movement. Oak is one of the most versatile and popular domestic hardwoods – used in furniture, flooring and cabinetry. Complimentary in almost any room, Oak Shutters are among our most frequently crafted custom hardwood shutters.

There are more than 60 species of oaks in the United States and more than 300 oaks in North America. All species can be divided into two categories: red oak and white oak. Both types have consistently been named among the top five most used hardwoods at the High Point Furniture Market each spring and fall. It’s no surprise Oak is a popular choice for custom shutters.

Oak – Growth Region
Red Oak grows almost everywhere east of the Great Plains and in eastern Canada. White Oak grows mostly in the Northern Appalachian Mountains.

Oak – Graining and Color
Red Oak has porous, wood rays that are 1/4″ to 1″ high along the grain. In its unfinished state this domestic hardwood has a reddish tint in color.

White Oak has a tighter grain structure. The heartwood of white oak is pale yellow brown to dark brown and the sapwood is a lighter color, closer to white.

The graining of oak can be significantly altered depending on how the wood is cut from the log. Two methods frequently used in oak are quarter-sawn and rift-cut.

Quarter Sawn – the cuts are made parallel with the medullary rays of the hardwood and therefore preserve them. This results in a finer grain pattern. More flecks or rays will present in quarter sawn than rift cut.

Rift-Cut – This method offers very linear grain structure minus the fleck or tiger stripe across the face. The resulting hardwood lumber has a combed or straight-looking grain. Quarter sawn white oak produces striking custom plantation shutters.

Oak – Finishing Oak
The coarse, large grain of oak absorbs pigment, making the grain very evident in the finished product. A lighter stain color will magnify the cathedrals of the grain, whereas a darker color will make them less noticeable.

Oak Shutters from Kirtz

An accurate stain sample of your woodwork is vital to a good match with your custom Kirtz Shutters. As a result of the natural variety within the species, nowhere is this more evident than in oak plantation shutters. Plain sawn Red and White Oak are typically used in our custom oak shutters, however quarter-sawn and rift cut are available upon request. The picture on this page shows a quarter sawn, white oak plantation shutter.

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