Hardwood Type MahoganyMahogany Plantation Shutters

Kirtz Mahogany plantation shutters provide a classically beautiful and formal look to any room. Mahogany, a hardwood often selected in the construction of fine furniture and musical instruments, is an excellent choice for custom shutters. Mahogany has distinctive rich, warm, tones signifying quality and luxury. By selecting Mahogany plantation shutters from Kirtz, you are adding heirloom quality custom shutters that add inspirational beauty to any space.

Mahogany – History
Mahogany was one of the treasures of the new world. Christopher Columbus recognized its potential for fine furniture and took raw timber back to the Queen of Spain who immediately had it made into a Royal dining set and instructed Columbus to bring her more.

Mahogany – Growth Region
Mahogany grows most plentifully in Africa and the tropical Americas. African mahogany is known mostly as Khaya. Mahogany from the Americas has different names depending on the region it is from, but Honduran Mahogany is the most common.

Mahogany – Graining and Color
Although there are slight differences between African and Honduran Mahogany, only a highly skilled eye can distinguish between the two.

Mahogany timber is straight grained, and can at times have an interlocked grain with very interesting pattern.

The natural color of mahogany changes as it ages. Although bright pink when first cut, it quickly ages to a copper-like reddish brown or yellowish brown.

Finishing Mahogany
Mahogany accepts stain well, and has a lustrous quality. Dark, rich browns with red undertones are the most common complement to the natural beauty of this wood. Kirtz Shutters provides custom finish matching services so that your plantation shutters complement the millwork of your home.

Mahogany and your Kirtz Plantation Shutters

Kirtz uses African quarter sawn mahogany when building our mahogany plantation shutters to ensure the highest level of quality and dimensional stability. Like all hardwoods, Mahogany has a tendency for movement and the quarter sawing process increase the stability and construction quality of our mahogany custom shutters. Honduran Mahogany is available on a quote request basis.

Other substitutes for mahogany are becoming more prevalent. Woods such as Lyptus, Banak and Obeche contain similar graining patterns to mahogany and can sometimes provide a savings. However, they all lack some of the defining characteristics that make mahogany a treasure still today.

Consider Kirtz mahogany shutters when you desire the finest quality plantation shutters that are sure to add a touch of understated elegance and beauty to your home or office.

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