Hardwood Type Knotty PineKnotty Pine Plantation Shutters

One of the only softwoods used to make Kirtz Shutters; Knotty Pine is often found in lodge or rustic interiors.

Growth Region
Kirtz uses Eastern White Pine in our knotty pine plantation shutters. This wood is grown in Eastern North America, from Minnesota to the Northern Appalachian Mountains.

Graining and Color
Knotty pine is known for its characteristic large, brown knots. The heartwood of the eastern white pine is pale brown, with occasional reddish brown streaks. The sapwood, which makes up most of the tree, is a pale straw color. All eastern pine ages to a golden yellow color with exposure to sunlight in a fairly short time. It can have very large knots that like to crack, to very small tight knots.

Finishing Knotty Pine
Eastern White Pine absorbs stain easily. This wood is often finished clear, or with a light stain color to highlight the knots and the warmth of the wood.

Knotty Pine and your Kirtz Shutters

Kirtz Shutters are made from a furniture grade knotty pine, which has lower moisture due to a special drying process. As a result, our custom knotty pine shutters are less likely to crack and warp over time.

Old Growth Pine, often called Heart Pine, is highly desired due to its rarity. It is the heartwood of pine trees, and is only found in trees 300+ years old. Thus, it is primarily available through a reclamation process. It can be identified through its small growth rings, and is considered to be more stable than today’s pine. Heart Pine is available for your Kirtz Shutters, call for more information.

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