Hardwood Type AshAsh Plantation Shutters

Most commonly know as the wood used for making baseball bats, Ash has many other uses in the furniture and finishing industries.

Growth Region
Like so many American hardwoods, ash is found in the eastern half of the country. These trees can be harvested while still young, thus making ash readily available.

Graining and Color
While the heartwood of ash is brown, its sapwood is nearly white and the more desirable part of the tree.

The grain is straight and porous, similar to oak, with large cathedrals throughout. However, ash has less chatter (ie. little lines) between the rows of open pores, so tends to stain a little brighter than oak.

Finishing Ash
Ash is very easy to stain – so it is an excellent choice of hardwood for custom shutters. It can be made to blend with other woods, such as oak, by simply tweaking the stain. This is best achieved when using a medium to dark color, so that the natural pigments of the two woods don’t interfere with the finish.

Ash and your Kirtz Shutters

Not sure if you need ash or oak for your plantation shutters? The experts at Kirtz can help you determine which would is the best match for your home. If you have a taste for the contemporary, we have used Ash to blend with Wenge wood furnishings by applying a dark pigment on the wood.

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