Hardwood Type AlderAlder Plantation Shutters

Kirtz alder plantation shutters offer rustic charm and beauty from an available hardwood that is prized for its close grain, ability to take stain and consistent texture. Alder is a beautiful hardwood and an excellent choice for custom shutters – taking a high-quality, furniture-grade finish.

With the desire for old-world and rustic interiors, Alder’s popularity has skyrocketed in the past few years due to its versatility and availability.

Alder – Growth Region
Alder grows in the United States along the Pacific Coast from Alaska to California. It matures after 25-40 years, making it a quick growing hardwood.

Alder – Graining and Color
One of the reasons Alder makes a fine choice for hardwood shutters, is because it possesses a fine-grain that is similar to cherry, birch and maple. It has a honey colored pigment that is reminiscent of natural cherry.

Finishing Alder
Alder takes color or stain easily – making it an excellent selection for custom shutters. A benefit of this hardwood is that it has no problems with sap or mineral streaks. This means Alder has an even, uniform appearance in grain and color.

Alder and your Kirtz Shutters

Alder plantation shutters can be specified in knotty or clear alder. Please note that the knots found in alder can sometimes allow small pinholes of light to penetrate through the shutter. This is the inherent nature of the wood, and considered acceptable – in fact, many consider these small defects to enhance the beauty of this natural hardwood.

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