A Green Product

Kirtz® Shutters are milled and manufactured with a grateful respect for the nature of wood. Shavings and chips created during milling are packaged for agricultural uses. Wood dust, a by product of sanding, is collected by a huge vacuum system and sent to the furnace where it provides a clean-burning fuel that heats the plant.

At Kirtz Shutters, we place a high value on protecting the environment. Our products are constructed from natural renewable hardwoods and reclaimed hardwoods.

Responsible management of how we use the world’s renewable resources is important to us and the customers we serve.

shutter-r-valueHardwood shutters from Kirtz® provide a substantial increase in energy efficiency by insulating to retain heat in the winter and reflecting heat during summer months.

Kirtz Shutters help extend the life of your interior carpets and furnishings by providing protection from damaging UV rays.

(Data taken from www.smartenergyliving.org)