Plantation shutters

Choosing the right color for your plantation shutters pt.2

What common colors for plantation shutters are best for your house?

In our last blog, we talked about why you should take the time to pick a good color for your shutters. One that doesn’t clash with the rest of the house’s color palette. Plantation shutters are made in several common colors, but you can have your custom made shutters painted any color if the need arises. Here are a few common colors to help you pick out the perfect plantation shutters for your home. 

Black Shutters: Timeless and sleek. Virtually any home can accept Black shutters without causing and clashing problems. If your not sure what color would work best with your home, It’s best to go with black. Be it stone, brick, or paneling, red, white, or whatever color. Black shutters will go with almost any home!

Navy Shutters: If you don’t want pure black plantations shutters. Navy blue is almost just as ubiquitous as black shutters while also adding a unique personality to your home. If you really want your shutters to pop, consider placing some navy blue plantation shutters on your house if the exterior is fairly bright. White, cream, off-white, yellow, grey, red, and natural cedar all work well with Navy Blue. 

Gray Shutters: Modernist, clean, and inconspicuous. Grey Shutters go well with most colors without popping and overtaking parts of the home’s palette. If you want a good, clean look on your home with understated colors, then Grey shutters are for you!

White Shutters: Second in popularity to black shutters, white shutters offer a clean look that is timeless and works well with many color types. White shutters, especially when the trim of the window is also white, makes your windows look larger. If you want a color that will pop and give your house a bold accent, white shutters are the way to go. 

Those are some of the most common colors for plantation shutters. As said before, you can have you custom made shutters painted any color to help match your home the best. Call us today at 800-416-6455!