Sliding Shutters For Sliding Doors: A not-so-standard installation

We  frequently get  questions from homeowners about how to add shutters to sliding doors.

The typical installation requires a 3 sided frame that surrounds the window casing  The frame header contains a track that allows the shutters to slide back and forth and the legs on each side of the casing support the header and prevent the shutter from sliding off the track.

It looks like this…

standard plantation slider

Recently an Oklahoma City homeowner came to us with a request to build plantation  shutters for her slider door.  She, however, wanted to do things a little different.  In order to maintain her view, she wanted the shutters to stack on the wall, or offset.   Since her wall had ample room, with some changes and modification to our standards, we were able to accommodate her.

First, this required measuring the necessary offset so that all the interior shutter panels would stack onto the wall neatly when opened.  Two dummy panels would always remain on the wall (but are fully movable for cleaning).  This helps prevent an awkward looking void on the wall when the shutters were slid off the sliding glass door, but frame legs on the side are still visible.

This application involved three tracks in order to get all the panels off the window.  This resulted in a very deep header and legs.  To keep the header from drooping in the front, we fabricated an oversize crown header piece.  This piece visually gives the unit a substantial and balanced feel, but also allows us to use L brackets to secure the header and make certain that header stays nice a level.


Special plantation shutter slider profile

This special shutter slider profile allows more structural support for extra weight


After finished installation, the homeowner said every time she went in her bedroom it brought her back to her favorite vacation in Hawaii, where she had seen something similar during her stay.

stacked plantation slider openstacked plantation slider closed


Customer Satisfaction.. Our job is done here:).  Do you have need help executing your vision for plantation shutters?  Let Kirtz Shutters help you with your interior shutters!