Plantation Shutters as Doors and Partitons

Plantation shutters can and are often used as interior doors and partitions.   This is especially true in commercial applications.    The primary reason louvered doors are often use is to provide privacy, or create a definitive space, and still allow for air circulation.    Dressing rooms and bathrooms stalls are both areas that you might frequently see a louvered door in commercial buildings.

In a residential application, these are frequently seen as doors in closets, water closets, or between rooms.. ie kitchen to dining.

Important things to know when using shutters as doors-

1)  consider depth ~ if the door is going into a door jamb opening, pay attention to the depth of your jamb.  For a water closet or closet door a standard shutter depth will usually suffice (Kirtz standard depth is 1 1/4″), but a standard interior door is usually 1 3/4″.  Be sure to choose a manufacture that can provide this custom depth (Kirtz can, and frequently does this depth of shutter)

2) consider design ~ will the appearance of a standard shutter work?  Many plantation shutter manufactures use a drop rail construction.  This means that the rail (horizontal solid member) is not as deep as the stile (vertical side member)  of the shutter.  Doors typically have a flush stile and rail configuration (all the same depth).  If this is your preference, be sure to specify it.

3) louvers ~  fixed louvers are most prevalent for shutter doors.  Especially in a commercial application.  However, if you are sourcing a residential door, consider using a standard shutter configuration (with louvers and a tilt rod that allows louvers to be moveable).  You can simply tighten the tension screw down to keep the slats at the angle you prefer. Any louver offered by a shutter manufacturer can be used for a shutter door.  The most common sizes are 1 7/8″, 2 1/2″ and 3 1/2″.

4) shutter hardware ~HINGES–  A single shutter from Kirtz will come standard with 3″ butt hinges, each manufacturer may offer a slightly different hinge, so be sure to ask.    For a standard door configuration this will work.  If you need specialty hinges, such as for a pass thru door that needs to rotate 180 degress, be sure and  bring that up when you are specifying your shutter.  It does effect your finished shutter size.   HANDLES/KNOBS — most shutter manufacturers (Kirtz included) do not provide handles and knobs.  These can easily be sourced from your local hardware store and applied after installation.  However, you may want to discuss your plans with your salesperson, so that he/she can increase the stile (vertical side member) width to accommodate your hardware plans.  For instance, Kirtz standard stile is 2 1/8″ wide.  It can be specified at 2 1/2″ for no additional charge upon request.

Ths brief blog by no means explores every option available when ordering a custom shutter door from Kirtz.  Below are some photos of shutter used as doors.  If you have a special request, please call us and we will make every effort to accomodate your needs.

Cherry fixed louvered door, 1 7/8" louver

Cherry fixed louvered door, 1 7/8″ louver

trim detail, fixed louver door

trim detail, fixed louver door

mahogany 2 1/2" fixed louver door, with divider rail

mahogany 2 1/2″ fixed louver door, with divider rail

3 1/2" fixed louver door, with specialty finish

3 1/2″ fixed louver door, with specialty finish