Mixing Finishes on your Plantation Shutters

After several years of a love affair with dark, rich woodwork we are having several requests to help homeowners “lighten up” a room with there plantation shutters.

Given the size of investment made when purchasing a plantation shutter, there is often a concern of future regret by the homeowner.

My professional opening on that matter can vary depending on the room itself, but I will say with utmost confidence that it can be done — and in a very tasteful way.

There are a two methods to do so:

Cover up casing with a new shutter and casing frame, thus eliminating any direct contrast of dark casing and painted shutters.  The casing stays in place, so if the shutters ever come down, the original mill work design is still in tack (albeit with a few screw holes to touch up).


Make the transition obvious and intentional.  This works best when the painted shutter is chosen in a color to complement the existing trim.  For instance, if you have rich, warm dark brown trim- choose a paint color with complementary undertones, such as a nice cream color as opposed to a stark, pure white.  Then you will find the shutters look as if they were part of the design plan from the beginning.     Of course, since we custom color match at Kirtz Shutters, your options are only limited by your imagination.

If you are building a house, you may have the opportunity to tie in other painted elements in the home so that the mix reads thoughtful and intentional.

Below shows a breakfast nook with beautiful stained mill work, and gorgeous painted Kirtz Shutters.

Painted Shutters with Stained Casing
Painted Shutters with Stained Casing

This photo goes to show that with just a little forthought, you can have shutters that compliment your homes design, even in a different finish!