A traditional take on plantation shutters + installation with corner block trim

This project shows the Kirtz Custom Shutter in a very traditional application.  The panels are small, the louvers a 2 1/2″ wide.   The shutter were built of Red Oak and custom stained to match the homeowners mill work.

The home, colonial in style, has corner blocks in window mill work.   The windows were double hung and had about 1″ of mounting space.  Although many shutter professionals will tell you the obvious choice was an outside mount, perhaps around the casing- that unnecessarily increases your cost by making the shutter unit larger, not to mention covers up what, in this instance, was very nice mill work.

 Our solution?

An L frame that sits inside the window jamb, and protrudes out slightly past the casing.  This allows the shutter to be inside the window, showing off the mill work, and yet allow enough room for the louvers to tilt without hitting the glass.

Then, to help make the transition, we sent our standard trim.  The installer then cut a groove into the trim onsite so that it would miter  flush around the corner blocks.

The result? 

Shutters that look like they were part of the homes design, not an after thought.