Walnut Plantation Shutters in Commercial Spaces

This post is about a very special project for Kirtz Shutters.    We just completed installation of walnut shutters for Coach Gundy’s office, the head football coach of Oklahoma State University. Go Pokes!

Our company is composed of many individuals who “bleed orange”, no one more so than our owner, Chris.  So needless to say, we felt privileged to have the opportunity to work on this project.

But lets talk about the shutters, there are a few unique charecteristics to note about this project.

1)  These are WALNUT hardwood shutters. Walnut is beautiful, but challenging to finish due to the large amount of sapwood in the lumber.  The sapwood produces a great deal of color variation throughout the wood.  On this job we used “premium” walnut, which contains less sapwood than normal and our finish department spent many hours tweaking the custom finish between coats to give a nice even look to the wood while maintaining the beauty of the wood grain.

2)   The Wall Curves: This office is located in the end zone of the stadium and we had to account for the curvature of the half wall on which the shutters sit.  We did this during installation by cutting down trim on site to fit the curve of the wall, thus giving it a nice even reveal down the length of the wall.

3) Plantation Shutters Sliding on a Track: These are a great option for sliding doors.  We build a frame around the shutters that allows for the installation of two tracks in the header of the frame.  The shutters have cars attached to the top of them and can then by-pass each other to allow access to the doors, or be moved over the doors and the louver’s open.

4) 4 1/2″ Louvers with Hidden Tilt: This is truly becoming one of our most popular product features.  Check out the photo below to see just how wonderful the visibility can be with this feature!

Walnut Shutters, Hidden Tilt, Louvers Closed

Walnut Shutters, Hidden Tilt, Louvers Closed

Walnut Planation Shutters, Sliding custom shutters run to the floor

Walnut Planation Shutters, Sliding custom shutters run to the floor

4 1/2" Louvers, View Outside

4 1/2″ Louvers, View Outside