Kirtz Plantation Shutters with VERTICAL LOUVERS

This job was running through our finish department and I just had to share!  We’ve never done ANYTHING like it before.  It is two plantation shutter panels meant to install with the 5 1/2″ louvers running vertically (two firsts for us!).  These panels are massive with 2 panels 62″ high x 84″ .   They will sit side by side in a wood opening and will be doweled together on-site during installation.   Did I mention they are a custom stained red oak?

These go in a funeral home, and the idea is to offer privacy for the family, but still allow them to see out into the chapel where the service is held.    We used a hidden tilt bar so that there are no interruptions in the sight line for the family.  Notice the two bottom pics.  The louvers are set partially open. Notice how one side offers visibility while the other angle privacy?

More photos showing how these look in the room setting will be added once they are installed.

But really ~  have a unique project?  Call us!  I’m about convinced we can do any type of custom shutter, and make it look good.

View when the 5 1/2" vertical louvers are closed

View when the 5 1/2″ vertical louvers are closed

vertical louvers, family view out to chapel

vertical louvers, family view out to chapel

5 1/2" vertical louvers, chapel side

5 1/2″ vertical louvers, chapel side

opening before installation

5 1/2" louvers (aka california shutters) run vertical, hidden tilt ~ open

5 1/2" red oak vertical louvers, closed

5 1/2″ red oak vertical louvers, closed