You plantation shutters can be as unique as you. Take a look at the many styles available through Kirtz.

Shutters in Recreational Vehicles

We recently branched out into a new area in our plantation shutter sales, recreational vehicles.    An RV dealer in our area bought shutters for his home, and discussed the possibility of adding them to one of his units that was going to be in a local RV show.  Well, we thought it sounded like a great idea and started working on it right away.  It took a lot of planning and design to ensure the finished product was just right!

2 1/2″ louvers were the best choice due to the scale of the units (they have all been about 37′ long), and rather than a standard tilt bar that would rattle, we used a hidden tilt bar.  This also contributes to a nice clean look.  Since each unit is unique they all present individual challenges.  Making sure there is enough clearance for levers to open window, light fixtures and plug ins means that each unit typically has custom made framing around the shutter panels.

These have been a great success, the RV dealer typically sells each one at the show!  I’m uploading some pictures so you can see how great these look.  The dark stain picture is red oak, custom stained and the other unit is custom painted maple shutters with maple stained frames.  The trailer had a paint/stain mix on all the woodwork and the shutters looked right at home.

Custom Framing

Custom Framing

Room View

Room View


How Do We Define “Plantation Shutter”?

Kind of like a lot of design terms, there can be multiple ways to describe the same thing and it really isn’t consistent throughout the industry, much less the country.  Plantation Shutters can refer to shutters in general, and depending on the person is usually indicative of a louver (slat) size.

What is commonly referred to as traditional shutters are small louvered, small paneled.  These are most common in the NE and upper midwestern United States.  The louver sizes are usually anywhere from 1 1/4″ up to 1 7/8″, sometimes 2 1/2″ louvers (which we carry) are included in that description.  These shutters often are built “cafe” style, meaning they cover only the bottom 1/2 to 2/3 of a window, and are very narrow (think 8-20″ wide per shutter panel)

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