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Plantation shutters AND blinds?

Blinds, Plantation Shutters, Or Both?

Windows are critical to any home, providing natural light and making a house feel like home. So when you’re trying to decide what to cover your windows with it can be a big decision. Most homeowners want to give their windows a little extra “pop” when they pick a covering, but they aren’t sure what they want that pop to be. Plantation shutters are a durable, aesthetically pleasing, and ageless option for those dramatic windows. 

If you’ve got simpler windows though, you might be more cautious about plantation shutters. You may be concerned that putting up blinds might clash with the shutters. Here’s the deal when it comes to mixing faux wood blinds with real plantation shutters. 

According to many design experts, mixing faux wood blinds and plantation shutters is actually a popular choice for many homes. In most cases, the front of the home will have the most unique windows worth a beautiful set of plantation shutters while other windows in the home can do just fine with a set of faux wood blinds. 

Of course, if you live or work in a building or home and you’d like to mix things up a bit and have both blinds and shutters. Kirtz Shutters can offer what you need to get started. Yes, that’s right we do blinds in addition to shutters! Mixing these two covers works best when they’re colors and styles are as close as possible, so ordering them from the same manufacturer is a fantastic choice. With enough attention and care, you might even be able to pull off having blinds and shutters in the same room! 

If you’d like to consult about your custom project, or you’re simply looking for a premium quality, beautiful custom plantation shutters, call us today at 1-800-416-6455 to find out how Kirtz® can help.

Bahama Exterior Shutters by Kirtz

Although Kirtz Shutters are primarily interior, at a special request for a previous customer, we recently built Bahama style exterior wood shutters.

There are a wide variety of Bahama style shutters available today.   Solid construction methods and quality raw materials are important to get the longest life out of your shutters.

The Materials

To start with we used cypress wood.  Cypress is a great choice for exterior projects.  Cypress generates cypressine, which is its own preservative oil.  This makes it naturally resistant to insects, decay and other damaging elements.  All components were made of solid pieces, including the stiles.

The Construction

In a traditional shutter, louvers are held into place with pins.  These pins allow the louvers to pivot open and closed.  A Bahama style shutter has fixed louvers, and no tilt bar.   To hold the louvers in place we cut a tenon in the stile to receive the louver.  Then the louver is then slid into the stile 1/4″ deep on each side.  Next, the stile and rail are doweled and secured with exterior glue.  A screw is inserted in between the two dowels for extra strength and the hole is filled.

To finish, the shutters were coated with a marine grade exterior quality sealer so that they are further protected.

The Installation

Installed with traditional Bahama style hinges and adjustable arms, these exterior shutter provide both beauty and protection.

Bahama shutters provide more visibilty when open, by Kirtz Shutters

Bahama shutters provide more visibilty when open, by Kirtz Shutters

Bahama hardware allow these custom shutters to tilt out

Bahama hardware allow these custom shutters to tilt out

bahama shutter block western sun, offer privacy on this deck

bahama shutter block western sun, offer privacy on this deck

Close up of fixed louvers for bahama shutters

Close up of fixed louvers for bahama shutters

Exterior Shutters, plantation shutter style by Kirtz

Exterior Shutters are a small segment of what we do, but occasionally someone will want a plantation style exterior shutter and turn to Kirtz for help with their project.

There seems to be some confusion about what makes a plantation shutter exterior or interior grade, so here is a brief explanation of what to look for in an exterior shutter.

Wood Species– exterior shutters that stand the test of time are made of western red cedar, cypress (pecky or clear), or mahogany.  These woods naturally repel water and insects, making them the longest lasting most durable choice. not to mention the beauty of handcrafted mahogany shutters!

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