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7 Ways to Keep Your Plantation Shutters Looking Fresh and New

Get the Most Longevity Out of Your Shutters

Like anything else, shutters and blinds can become dirty or otherwise deteriorate in condition over time. Everyday hazards to your shutter’s cleanliness include dirty hands, dust, and even daily sunlight. What shutter care can be done to keep them looking brand new? 

It’s important to consider the types of shutters and blinds you have in your home before setting about cleaning them.

If you have these types of shutters, consider the following tips:

1. Wood shutters or blinds.

You should never clean wood shutters with harsh chemicals or excessive amounts of water, or you’ll risk warping or damaging the finish. Use a clean, dry cloth, a feather duster, or vacuum periodically with a soft brush accessory. Clean wood shutters regularly to prevent buildup.

2. Vinyl blinds.

Vinyl blinds are a little less susceptible to water damage than wood shutters. You can remove them completely for deep cleaning. Wash in a large sink or bathtub with warm, soapy water or a mixture of ammonia and water. Wipe clean with a soft cloth and hang to dry.

In between deep cleans, keep dust from building up with a soft cloth, feather duster, or vacuum. Or, spray a mixture of ammonia and water and wipe with a soft cloth or cotton glove. Wipe dry.

3. Metal blinds.

Metal blinds are deep-cleanable like vinyl blinds. However, it is important your metal blinds be dried quickly and thoroughly to prevent rust or tarnish, depending on the metal. Between deep cleanings, use a clean, dry cloth, a feather duster, or a vacuum to remove dust and buildup.

General tips that apply to any blinds include:

4. Try to dust blinds weekly, or at least biweekly, to prevent buildup.

5. Use a ruler wrapped in a soft cloth to dust between narrow blinds. 

6. Never use furniture polish, as it can form a gummy substance with dust that is difficult to remove the next time. 

7. Instead, try a dryer sheet – rub it on the top and bottom of each slat to help repel dust.

For more information about the upkeep and maintenance of your custom shutters and blinds, or for a quote for new shutters, reach out to Kirtz® Shutters.