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Custom RV Shutters

Custom RV Shutters!

With RV living becoming a fast growing trend, make your RV more like home with Custom RV Shutters!

Over the last few years we have seen a growing number of requests for custom shutters for RV’s. If you have spent any time in an RV recently you will recognize that even though its a home on wheels, it just doesn’t feel quite like home until you’ve done something to make it feel like home. For example, adding custom window treatments. When an RV feels like home, any adventure can be outside your front door! From talking with others who live full time in an RV, they all talk about the personalization of their home. Without making a house a home, it just feels like you’re constantly living in a hotel. This has caused many full time RV families to throw in the towel. When you make the RV your home it completely changes the mood and feeling in such an amazing way.

One major thing to consider when adding your custom additions is to think “functionality first”! If your custom addition takes up too much space and/or provides little to no function to the home you may end up regretting your flair down the road. RV living has several stark differences to living in a traditional dwelling with usable space being the most noticeable one. Another one is learning the different dynamics of heating and cooling. This is where function can find a perfect harmony with custom flair and personalization. Having window shutters installed in a traditional house can help with energy costs and its no different for RV’s! If you are looking to add class and quality to your RV, nothing does the job quite better than custom shutters. As you can see from the pictures in this article, they add such a “right at home” feel. So now that you’re interested, how does this all work to inquire? It’s simple really.

If you are interested in adding custom RV shutters here’s the process. 

  1. Give us a call and we’ll walk you through how to get the measurements needed to give you a quote. It’s so easy we can give you step by step instructions over the phone.
  2. After getting the measurements we’ll give you a price to work with. If we have a deal we’ll get the order placed and start making your order.
  3. When the order is complete we have 2 options for installation. 
    1. You can drive by our factory in Stillwater Oklahoma and we can install them typically in one day for you. (We recommend this option for the best quality outcome)
    2. If you can’t make it by we understand. We can ship the finished product to you for installation, but know that since we were not there to take the measurements and make adjustments in person for any error that needs corrected you may not get the desired outcome. If you can make the drive we promise to make it worth the trip with the quality installation only we can guarantee.  

It’s really that simple! We hope to hear from you soon with ideas for you custom RV shutter project!


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What would you do with 40 year old Walnut Wood?

Most people would agree that Walnut Wood that has been allowed to cure for 40 years is something SPECIAL. Walnut has a very beautiful dark grain. Kirtz® has been able to acquire such a treasure as this.
If you are a Downton Abbey Masterpiece Series watcher, you can’t help but notice how much beautiful rich wood, is in every room in the Abbey. What Special Walnut project, can we create for you?
Here at Kirtz®, we handcraft all of our shutters out of hard woods including Walnut. Kirtz® Shutter craftsmen also create “one of a kind” live edge tables, mantels, and benches.
I will be discussing more about Walnut Wood in my coming blogs, but first I want to hear from you, “What Would you do with 40 year old Walnut Wood”?

Denise Tietz

this aged walnut will be used to create something beautiful soon

this aged walnut will be used to create something beautiful soon

Reclaimed Walnut Wood

How to install shutters in windows with wainscoting and chair rails

This post addresses one of the more complicated installations of shutters in rooms with wainscoting, since the wainscoting and chair rail actually wrap into the window jamb itself. Although a gorgeous look overall, this millwork package does nothing to compliment most inside mount window treatment installation.

Plantation window before

Here is a before photo of the window

How did we arrive at shutters, and could we have done other window treatments?

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Special Projects: ellipse eyebrow shutter

Another unique custom shutter to move through our facility recently was an ellipse shape that was destined for a home in Florida. There are a few features that made this plantation shutter stand apart from the rest.

1) Solid Walnut Plantation Shutter
2) Special 7″ deep framework served as an extension jamb designed to work with European style windows made by Tischler Und Son windows.
3) Unit size was 136 1/4″ wide by 39 1/2″ tall
4)  Ellipse shape required the hands of our most skilled artisans.
5) Shutter panels on the wings had fixed louvers per the customers request and the center pair were operable.
This walnut shutter spanned over 136" wide

This walnut shutter spanned over 136" wide

Notice the elliptical curvature of this custom walnut shutter.
Notice the elliptical curvature of this custom walnut shutter.

Do you have a highly custom project?  If so, we can help!  Call us at 800-416-6455.


Plantation Shutter with Insect Screens

Yet another unusual custom shaped shutter shipped from our facility this week.  These shutters, were headed to a home in NY and had an insect screen built into them!

How did we do it?

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