Arch Windows & Plantation Shutters

Many new homes today have arch windows, often called eyebrow windows.  Most often they are used on the front of a home, to add architectural appeal.  When the homeowner moves in, they often discover that charming window doesn’t come with any easy solution when it comes to window treatments.      One of the best solutions is a plantation shutter.    It offers the best combination of light control (louvers are operable) and aesthetics (it compliment’s the shape of the window).

What makes a good quality arch shutter?  There are two key areas that make all the difference:

Proportion: Special shapes, like arches, take the greatest amount of skill to build, and it should be evident in the finished product.  The top part of shutter, called the rail, should stay the same width as it follows the arch top of the window.

Louvers: These should be moveable into the arch.  Do not be misled by manufacturers who take shortcuts, this is possible!

shutter arch without operable louvers

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Plantation Shutter Installation in Casement Windows

Casement windows offer one of the most complicated installation concerns of any type of window. There are several options for fitting a casement window with plantation shutters.  Lets consider them all.

Direct Hinge

This is when a shutter hinges directly into the window jamb.  You need enough depth in the window jamb (about 1 1/4″ for a Kirtz Shutters) to contain the shutter panel plus room for any hardware (magnets or ball catches). Some times we can make it work with less than this, but it requires that your hinge protrude past the jamb a bit and it really isn’t the best look.   The pro’s with this application is it can be a very clean, simple look.  The con’s are that if your window is out of square the light gaps around the shutter will be uneven and will magnify the imperfections of the window.

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Kirtz Plantation Shutters in the Wichita Parade of Homes

Come check out Kirtz Plantation Shutters in the Wichita Parade of Homes going on now through May 3rd.  We can be seen in one of the newest premier developments by Ritchtie Development called the Waterfront, located just east of Webb road off 13th Street.  We are in model #1 (also the sales office) in the master bedroom, dining and living area.

Susan Kromer, the fantastic designer who is responsible for this homes design, specified 4 1/2″  louvers with hidden tilt, custom painted to match the trim.  You will be amazed at the view through the shutters, and at what an amazing house it is.  So, check it out!

Plantation Shutters on French Doors


Many people are at a loss with how to do window treatments  on doors, especially when a lever handle is involved and it is in a high traffic area.

Lets look at some common window treatment solutions for these doors.  Our in- home sales division (in OK and KS)  has put all these products on doors for customers,  so the basis for this blog is our experience.

Wood blinds-  Many blind manufacturers solution is to do a cut out of the blind slats around the handle, thus preventing the slats hitting the handle when they are opened and closed.  The drawbacks of this solution, is that is does not offer as much privacy as many homeowners desire and clearance is still an issue when raising or lowering the blind.   Another option is to order a very small slat so that the blind fits behind the handle.    This can be a good solution, but small size slats are only offered in certain product lines, so your options are a bit more limited.  Also,   if you want the larger slats for other windows in the room,  it breaks the flow a bit.

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What makes a good plantation shutter design?

Kirtz Plantation Shutters are all custom designed and produced.  So when you choose to order plantation shutters from Kirtz Shutters, you have a variety of  shutter layout and design options.  Two major areas for discussion are — How do I choose a louver size?  And how many shutters should I put in each opening?

First, let’s talk about louver size.  This depends on a variety of factors, such as the style of your home architecture and design.  However, this comes down to personal preference.  Part of the beauty of plantation shutters is that you can get such great visibility and light control just by slightly adjusting the louver angle.  It stands to reason that the larger the louver, the better the view.    Many people are simply amazed at how much visibility you can get with a shutter.  In fact, during our in- home consultations we typically bring one sample of each louver size, set it in the window, ask the client to step back and take a look at the different proportions of each louver size and how that impacts the feel of the room.  Well, I can’t do that in a blog, but take a look at this picture.  Each opening shown is 72″ x 72″; the only thing that changes is the size of the louver.


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