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Why Use Maple For A Plantation Shutter?

The Finest Maple Plantation Shutters  At Kirtz we like doing things differently because we want to being something new and above average to the table. That’s why our Plantation shutters use maple Kirtz’s founder was a woodworker until events in his life took him into a new direction. When he set this business up, he […]

Double Plantation Shutters? Yes, Please!

                  If your looking for some new plantation shutters this fall, you may want to consider some double, or split, plantation shutters for your kitchen or bathroom. These versatile shutters can add some real character to your kitchen or bathroom. For your bathroom, you can open up […]

Plantation Shutters For An RV

Plantation Shutters Change The Look  A lot of people these days are simply downsizing from a massive home to smaller living quarters. In fact, some have sold their homes and have chosen to survive by living in an RV. If you’re part of the minimalist movement and you’ve decided to live in your RV, that […]

Plantation Shutters Save Football Season

No Glare While Watching Football Thanks To Plantation Shutters Who loves putting out the snacks, having friends and family over, and cheering for their favorite football team on the big screen? Many people do! Of course, one thing can ruin the merriment of watching football on tv; the glare from the sunlight or the street […]