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What would you do with 40 year old Walnut Wood?

Most people would agree that Walnut Wood that has been allowed to cure for 40 years is something SPECIAL. Walnut has a very beautiful dark grain. Kirtz® has been able to acquire such a treasure as this. If you are a Downton Abbey Masterpiece Series watcher, you can’t help but notice how much beautiful rich […]

Grey Shutters with Glaze Finish

While white shutters are a classic choice, we are seeing clients bring the special touches in their home to the windows with their Kirtz custom shutters.  A recent project, which used a grey shutter with a glazed finish is a nice example of just such a project.   The inspiration for the shutter color was […]

How to install shutters in windows with wainscoting and chair rails

This post addresses one of the more complicated installations of shutters in rooms with wainscoting, since the wainscoting and chair rail actually wrap into the window jamb itself. Although a gorgeous look overall, this millwork package does nothing to compliment most inside mount window treatment installation. How did we arrive at shutters, and could we […]