Plantation Shutters in Architectural Shapes

Occasionally we will get a request to make a shutter shape that is quite unique.   This presents an interesting challenge to the specialties department who builds all of our plantation shutters out of different shapes.

Curved Plantation Shutter
This is not your standard treatment for a bay window.  The window and glass this unit was built for actually curved, and the client wanted curved shutters to treat it.  One of the most challenging shapes we’ve ever built, and the most unique.


Bell Top Plantation Shutter
A interior shutter unit that other shutter companies would not touch, this client called us desperate for a solution, and  Kirtz was happy to tackle this challenge.  To build a plantation shutter with this type of curved top required the attention of our premier craftsman.

The top of this plantation shutter is bell shaped

The top of this plantation shutter is bell shaped

Specialty Sunburst Shutters
This sunburst is created from two different woods, maple and paduk, that has been precisely fitted together.  This was built years before CNC machines became available to us, and nicely demonstrates the quality Kirtz Shutters is capable of producing.

A sunburst shutter crafted from maple and paduk wood