Being Choosy with Window Treatments Matters

Does it matter where you buy your window treatments??  Absolutely, more than you may realize.   An article posted on MSN revealed many blinds sold at places like Ikea, Pottery Barn Kids, Target, ect. are being recalled due to child deaths and strangulation’s.

You can view the article here

In my mind, this emphasizes the value of using a professional salesperson when you are choosing window treatments.

Most of us have a lot on our plate today, we don’t have the time to learn the ins and outs of every product we may want or need to purchase.  

Enter the experienced window covering industry professional.   

They provide such a critical service for consumers in terms of education and narrowing down products to options best suited for a homeowners needs. 

In addition to knowledge, they typically represent industry leading brands that base their reputation and existence on long term customer satisfaction.  This includes using manufacturers who make child safety a top concern in the construction of their products. 

Your window covering professional is a business person who likely lives in your community.  They aren’t a divison of a corporate conglomerate, they aren’t  a big box store with an ever changing staff, or a website with an automated customer service line.    

They provide in home service, offer quality products with stringent safety standards,  and  provide you customer service that can’t be beat,  Sounds pretty good, right?  …… Give us a call and decide for yourself!

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