Sliding Shutters For Sliding Doors: A not-so-standard installation

We  frequently get  questions from homeowners about how to add shutters to sliding doors.

The typical installation requires a 3 sided frame that surrounds the window casing  The frame header contains a track that allows the shutters to slide back and forth and the legs on each side of the casing support the header and prevent the shutter from sliding off the track.

It looks like this…

standard plantation slider


Recently an Oklahoma City homeowner came to us with a request to build plantation  shutters for her slider door.  She, however, wanted to do things a little different.  In order to maintain her view, she wanted the shutters to stack on the wall, or offset.   Since her wall had ample room, with some changes and modification to our standards, we were able to accommodate her.

First, this required measuring the necessary offset so that all the interior shutter panels would stack onto the wall neatly when opened.  Two dummy panels would always remain on the wall (but are fully movable for cleaning).  This helps prevent an awkward looking void on the wall when the shutters were slid off the sliding glass door, but frame legs on the side are still visible.

This application involved three tracks in order to get all the panels off the window.  This resulted in a very deep header and legs.  To keep the header from drooping in the front, we fabricated an oversize crown header piece.  This piece visually gives the unit a substantial and balanced feel, but also allows us to use L brackets to secure the header and make certain that header stays nice a level.


Special plantation shutter slider profile

This special shutter slider profile allows more structural support for extra weight


After finished installation, the homeowner said every time she went in her bedroom it brought her back to her favorite vacation in Hawaii, where she had seen something similar during her stay.

stacked plantation slider openstacked plantation slider closed


Customer Satisfaction.. Our job is done here:).  Do you have need help executing your vision for plantation shutters?  Let Kirtz Shutters help you with your interior shutters!

How to install shutters in windows with wainscoting and chair rails

This post addresses one of the more complicated installations of shutters in rooms with wainscoting, since the wainscoting and chair rail actually wrap into the window jamb itself. Although a gorgeous look overall, this millwork package does nothing to compliment most inside mount window treatment installation.

Plantation window before

Here is a before photo of the window

How did we arrive at shutters, and could we have done other window treatments?

If we were to do, for instance, a wood blind or honyecomb in this window we would have the option of ordering the blind with a cut on each side so that it woudld fit around the trim work in the lower area, and be the correct width above the paneling too. Most all other hard treatments would have to be ordered to the narrower width in between the paneling and would be unsightly when lowered. Not to mention that the arch portion of the window would still be exposed. There would be so many limitations to the fit of the finished product te homeowner would have ordered a custom product, but not had a very custom looking finish.

Drapery might look nice here, perhaps on medallions, but as light control was an issue in the office, is still not the most functional option.

So back to the fit! The customer chose a decorative z frame that we call a CZ. The CZ frame is gorgeous, but necessitates modifation for both the face sider of thethe paneling and the part that wraps into the window.

Here is how we did it:

  • Kirtz undersized the shutter unit by the thickness of the paneling (3/4″) on each side.
  • We then made filler strips that would install above the wainscotting, in effect bringing the jamb of the window in on both sides 3/4″ and providing a uniform look from the streetside (no unsightly gaps when you are walking up to the house).
  • Next, we handled the front(or flange of the frame) the same way, making filler strips to install above the wainscotting. You can see the seam of the filler strips in this close up.  It was important to send filler loose so that it could be cut to fit nice and snug on site as this seam would be highly visible.
  • Once onsight the chair rail was shortened by our installers to where it finishes nicely right at the finish of our shutter frame.
plantation shutters in windows with wainscotting

finished look of customized framework for shutters in windows with wainscoting

Pretty gorgeous finished work, and most importantly it looks like the shutters was part of the original plan!

stained oak shutters with painted casing

Piano Room finished with chair rail modifications

finished room view, red oak shutter with decorative frame

finished room view, red oak shutter with decorative frame

Custom Hardwood Shutter from Kirtz Shutters Deliver!


Our dealer in Southold, NY at Wallace Home Design recently sent us these photos of a Kirtz Shutter project he did that had some unique challenges to it.

The customer wanted the openness of a 3 1/2″ louver, but also loved the clean lines of her casing. The window had limited depth, and operable window cranks created obstructions. This made it impossible to mount the shutter flush within her existing window jamb as was her preference.

She was adamant she did not want any projection past her window casing so we devised a unique solution for her windows.

The shutter was built into its own frame (or jamb), then mounted inside the window jamb. This frame allowed us to create the extra projection that was needed for the louvers to operate and the unit to clear all obstructions.

To eliminate the look of any shutter projection beyond the casing, Kirtz Shutters made custom sized casing pieces, that matched the layout of her window casing. These loose casing pieces were then applied onsite by Mike and his crew over the existing casing. The finished result? A look that allows the customer to have the larger louver, hidden tilt rod and simple clean lines she desired.

If you have challenging windows, a unique project, or just wanted a fine quality shutter built and installed with the eye of a craftsman, please contact Kirtz Shutter at 800-416-6455 or use our dealer locator to find a dealer near you.


These windows were ready for a new look!

Room view before shutters

Clean lines were critical for this two story room when selecting shutter design


Loft Window with Plantation Shutters

Notice how the louvers align throughout the shutter panels even though they are different height. This takes good design on the front end to make this happen!

The finished look is clean design with Kirtz Shutters

The finished look is clean design with Kirtz Shutters

This close up show the simple lines that were made possible by custom framing with Kirtz Shutters.

This close up show the simple lines that were made possible by custom framing with Kirtz Shutters.



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Plantation Shutters Compliment Clean Lines

Occasionally I will hear… “Shutters are too traditional for my space.”  Like any good design element, shutters are versatile enough to fit most a variety of  interiors.

It comes down to making the correct selections for your final vision of the space when they are ordered.  Something an experienced shutter consultant will be sure to help you accomplish.

The project featured below was designed to compliment a craftsman style interior.  Clean, crisp lines were in order.  To that end the shutters were ordered without the standard tilt rod and boast a hidden tilt instead.  The cut out for the doors lever radius was also modified.  Instead of our standard rounded cut out, we used a square cut out to better compliment the lines of the home.

The result?  A functional treatment that was a compliment to the style of the home.

shutters on a french door with lever handle, square cut out.

shutters on a french door with lever handle, square cut out.

Windows before shutters

Windows before shutters

After plantation shutter installation

After plantation shutter installation

another after photo of shutters in craftsman style interior

another after photo of shutters in craftsman style interior