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Kirtz Shutters at the Wichita Home and Garden Show

Kirtz Shutters will be exhibiting at the Wichita Home and Garden Show, which runs from February 10th-13th, 2011 at the Century Two Convention Center.    We will have a new display which incorporates a room setting.  This design will help homeowners get an idea of how custom plantation shutters can impact their home.  Also included in the display is a variety of popular woods and finishes, including distressed shutters made of reclaimed woods and special finishes on shutters such as paint and glazing.  

New for 2011 is our line of custom exterior shutters.  Perfect for outdoor rooms that need privacy and sun protection, these shutters made of cypress reflect some of our most custom work.

Stop by the Kirtz booth and visit with Heather Langhofer, local Wichita representative, and Chris Tietz, owner of Kirtz Shutters.  During your visit you can set of your appointment for our complimentary in home consultation.

Kirtz Shutters at the Oklahoma City Home and Garden Show Jan 21-23 2011

Homeowners have a chance to experience the quality of Kirtz Shutters first hand this weekend at the Oklahoma Home and Garden Show.  

Kirtz Shutters, locally manufactured in Stillwater, OK, are know state wide for their craftsmanship and highly custom capabilities.  At the Kirtz Shutters booth homeowners can see just a few of the many custom offerings available by Kirtz and popular in home construction and renovation today.

New this year are examples of exterior bahama style shutters and traditional louvered shutters made our of cypress for lasting durability.  These exterior shutter panels are popular options for outdoor living spaces, and exterior home accents.

Visit with Mack Tietz, Central Oklahoma sales representative and Chris Tietz, business owner, this weekend at booth 433 in the Cox Pavilion at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds.

January 21 12pm – 9pm

January 22 10am – 9pm

January 23 10am – 6pm


Plantation Shutters in Architectural Shapes

Occasionally we will get a request to make a shutter shape that is quite unique.   This presents an interesting challenge to the specialties department who builds all of our plantation shutters out of different shapes.

Curved Plantation Shutter
This is not your standard treatment for a bay window.  The window and glass this unit was built for actually curved, and the client wanted curved shutters to treat it.  One of the most challenging shapes we’ve ever built, and the most unique.


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Being Choosy with Window Treatments Matters

Does it matter where you buy your window treatments??  Absolutely, more than you may realize.   An article posted on MSN revealed many blinds sold at places like Ikea, Pottery Barn Kids, Target, ect. are being recalled due to child deaths and strangulation’s.

You can view the article here

In my mind, this emphasizes the value of using a professional salesperson when you are choosing window treatments.

Most of us have a lot on our plate today, we don’t have the time to learn the ins and outs of every product we may want or need to purchase.  

Enter the experienced window covering industry professional.   

They provide such a critical service for consumers in terms of education and narrowing down products to options best suited for a homeowners needs. 

In addition to knowledge, they typically represent industry leading brands that base their reputation and existence on long term customer satisfaction.  This includes using manufacturers who make child safety a top concern in the construction of their products. 

Your window covering professional is a business person who likely lives in your community.  They aren’t a divison of a corporate conglomerate, they aren’t  a big box store with an ever changing staff, or a website with an automated customer service line.    

They provide in home service, offer quality products with stringent safety standards,  and  provide you customer service that can’t be beat,  Sounds pretty good, right?  …… Give us a call and decide for yourself!

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Distressed Shutters, and Specialty Finishes on Plantation Shutters

Recently we have worked on a number of projects that have required specialty multi-step finishes.  Distressed Shutters have been especially popular lately.   This is one of my favorite things that we do, because we do it very well.    Lots of kudos must be given to the head of our finish department, Allen.   He has both the skill and the willingness to do this type of work.

How does this process work?

Any time we match a finish we request a physical sample.  This is incredibly important in specialty finishes because each finish is unique.   Did the original finisher have a heavy hand, or a light hand when he wiped off the glaze?  What tool was used to do the distressing?  A wire brush?  Chains?  A wheel?  There are an incredible number of variables, and since these shutters are often going up against millwork or paneling, it is critical to get a good match.

So we bring a sample that shows the finished look,  and the stain department does a strike-off (or sample) of their ability to replicate the finish on your plantation shutters.  This is then provided to the homeowner/designer for their approval.  Once approved, we proceed with the finish work.  Distressed, glazed, antiqued and sand thru finishes are going to have a longer than average lead time, due to the complexity of the finish.  But just like fine wine, it’s worth the wait.

Here are just a couple of photos of specialty finishes that have gone through our factory lately.

stained, distressed red oak shutters

stained, distressed red oak shutters

exterior shutters with a sand through finish

exterior shutters with a sand through finish

painted and glazed knotty alder result in an antique distressed look

painted and glazed knotty alder result in an antique distressed look

As nice as these distressed and specialty finished shutters look, they are all an effort to duplicate an old world look.  And the best way to get an authentic old work look is to use old wood.

Enter wormy chestnut……

For a history of this wood, see this link to our site
The short version of the story is its old, like 100 years old.  So all that patina and distressing was actually earned by the wood through years of use.  Pretty cool, huh?   The picture below shows wormy chestnut shutters with a tobacco hued stain.  It looks great with a clear finish too, but this stain really gives it some nice warmth.  This wood, more than any other wood, is one that people gravitate towards when we put it on display.
wormy chestnut with a tobacco finish
Another wood that gives a nice authentic decayed look is Pecky Cypress. This wood has been attacked by a fungus that eats the wood.  This in turn makes lens shaped pockets throughout the tree.  The result is a very attractive multi-dimensional wood.   We treated this pecky cypress hardwood shutter with a heavy black glaze, thus intensifying the appearance of variation of the surface.
Pecky Cypress with a glazed finish

Pecky Cypress with a glazed finish

This is just a sampling of our work that I could pull up quickly this afternoon to show the variety in finishing techniques we use.  If you don’t see what you are after, that is only because you haven’t asked us to build (and finish) it yet.  Give us a call and lets see what we can do for you!